Document Binding Machines

Small desktop document punching and binding machines are widely used in the office environment. They are able to be stored away when not being used and to be able to be placed near to a job when required.

We sell both formats in table top versions either using round holes or square holes.

Most of the office type machines come in a format size of either A4 or A5, using round hole punch pins. These are very simple to use and if you are only producing a few copies, these machines are the ideal solution.

In this range of machinery you will also find electric desk top versions. These  machines have a more heavy duty aspect to them, meaning that when you are punching the material, it becomes a faster process but you still have to close the wire by using a handle manually.

Listed in this page you will find all the different models available to which we either have in stock or can order for you and we will always be available to give you advice.